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"If they made Prescot Grammar School : The Movie, who would you cast in some of the major, oscar winning roles?"
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Cary Grant as
Charlie Corlett
'He was just the perfect gentleman at school!'
[Trevor Powell]
  Iggy Pop as
Tony Hardwick
[Guy Lovelady]
  Richard Roundtree as
Mick Danvers
[Guy Lovelady]
Raymond Huntley as
'It would be quite a performance'
[Rod Crook] 
  Peter Vaughan as
Gilbert Burrows
'The grin!'
[Trevor Powell]
  Art Garfunkel as
Des Roberts
[Trevor Powell]
Dr.Beaker of Supercar as
JCS Weeks
[Mike Mercury?]
  Yoda of Star Wars as
Spencer Briggs
[Jeff Easthope]
  Margaret Rutherford as
Miss Beresford,
'Bless Her'
[Bernard Cunliffe]
Kenneth Williams as
Joe Kirk
[Bernard Cunliffe]
  Robert Hardy as
Chas Middlehurst
[Matthew McDonald]
  Peter Lorre as
Sparky Watts
'Type Casting!'
[Steve Files]

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