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This is Marcus Taylor, Jim Taylor's son. I don't know if the news has filtered through to you yet but I am sorry to say I have some tragic news. Jim passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, 21st April. The news has shocked everybody because it was so very sudden, we had no warning at all. I can say though it was very peaceful.

Like everybody, I am devastated by the tragic news of Jim's death.I wish to put on record my tribute to him and in particular all his efforts in forming the Association,without which efforts we would not have developed. I am fortunate that I was contacted by Jim many years ago to attend the Annual Dinner,and I was impressed by the committed and enthusiastic way he ran these events. He thoroughly enjoyed the evenings and conveyed his own devotion to the School and all it stood for to others.

I shall miss the many contacts he made with me to ensure that these evenings went well : it is some consolation that he attended the last Annual Dinner,where,amidst much well-deserved tributes,he handed the organisation over, thus ensuring the continuing success.

He was a unique person,and will be sadly missed. My thoughts go out to his family. Des Roberts


I had only known Jim for two years after setting up the Prescotian website and he telephoned me just the other day about this year's Reunion Dinner. Eventually, the conversation got onto the subject of Venezuelan Bracken and other geographical subjects. A fascinating man... my daughters, who often answered the phone, enjoyed their chats with him.... my older daughter is in Nepal as I write and Jim was very interested to hear of her exploits and the fact that she will be going to Manchester University in October, 2002. Trevor Powell

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