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Photo taken when the PGS Science Society visited the Liverpool Radium Institute. The original is dated 10 Nov 1944. Rod says 'I am standing on the far right (It was just before my 11th birthday). I think myself its a little beauty and deserves to be in the archive- Nov.1944-   last year of the war, and doesn't it show-   that terrible drabness-D Day plus 6 months,and our [Rod Crook and Brian Cook] first year in 3B1. I'm just about to break your dynamo front lamp (or might even have already done it!)  They could fix the large glass, but I think it also had a bit of green or red glass on the side -close to the front lens-   and this could not be replaced properly with the sides diamond cut so put in only plain glass-   this may be wrong but something like that sticks in my mind.'

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