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Photographs from the 19th Annual Reunion Dinner held at the Statham Lodge Hotel on Friday, 6th. October, 2000. Click on titles to view each photograph.
Photos supplied by Trevor Powell Photos supplied by John McIntyre
General View 1 Mr. amd Mrs. Mike Burrill
General View 2 Mesdames. Elaine (Waring) Pilkington and Annette Winn
General View 3 Mr. amd Mrs. Derek McClatchey
General View 4 Mr. Mike Winn
Mr. Des Roberts says Grace Mr. and Mrs. John Corlett
Prof. Jim Taylor addresses the Reunion Mr. Des Roberts addresses the Reunion
Guest Speaker from Australia, ex-PGS 1944, Mr. Ron Brown Mr. Mike Winn, Mesdames Pilkington and Storrow
Art Teacher Mr. John 'Charlie' Corlett Messrs .John Mcintyre and Trevor Powell
Deputy Head Mr. Geoffrey Dixon and Mrs.Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Jean Joyce
Messrs. John McIntyre and Mike Winn Mr. Roy Bradbury
Peter Chadwick and Tom Storrow and Mrs. Sarah Chadwick Messrs. Corlett, Storrow and Bradbury
Mr. Keith Macklin in Australian millinery Messrs. Tom Storrow and Mike Winn
The Editor Kathryn Jones' Group #1
  Kathryn Jones' Group #1

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