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The Old Prescotians Reunion Dinner took place at the Haydock Thistle Hotel on Friday 5th. October, 2001. The Editor wishes to thank Kathryn Yetter, friend of Ken Blundell for her kind assistance and aplomb with my camera whilst the formalities of the evening were taking place!

Download Guest List Here : Reunion 2001 Report [Prof. Jim Taylor] : Dinner Time [Article by Ste Greenall]

Mr. John Corlett, Mrs. Val Freestone and Mr. Bill Ford
[Alan Jolley]
  Mr. Bryan Joyce and Mrs. Jean Joyce [Alan Jolley]
Mr. Des Roberts, Prof. Jim Taylor, Messrs. Trevor Powell and John McIntyre [Alan Jolley]   Messrs. David Anderton, Mike Winn and Elaine Tant [Alan Jolley]
David Anderton and Peter Chadwick [Peter Chadwick]   Peter and Sarah Chadwick [Peter Chadwick]
Mr. Ged and Mrs. Thomas [Peter Chadwick]   Mrs. Louise Storrow [Peter Chadwick]
Mesdames Jean Joyce and Mavis Corlett [Peter Chadwick]   Messrs. Peter Chadwick and Des Roberts [Peter Chadwick]
Ian and Elaine Tant, Mike Winn, Tom Storrow and Bryan Joyce [Peter Chadwick]   Ian Tant, Mike Winn, Tom Storrow, Neil Johnstone and Bryan Joyce [Peter Chadwick]
General View inside the Reunion   The Freestones at their table
Hedley Railton and Mrs.Sarah Chadwick   Mr. and Mrs. John Corlett
Mr. Ken Blundell and Kathryn Yetter from Kansas   Ms. Janice Whittaker
Mrs.Lynne Heath and Mr.Mike Kelly   Mrs. Kath Bridge
Mr.Keith Macklin   Miss Gill Burns
Stuart and Steve Greenall   Mr. Colin Crabb
Mrs. Val (Shaw) Freestone   Tony Heyes and Friends
Mesdames Waring, Jarvis and Whittaker   Mr. Des Roberts opens the Reunion
Mr.John King presents Prof. Jim Taylor with a specially commissioned print of PGS 1928 to mark his twentieth and last Reunion as Chief Organiser on behalf of the 'Pub-Noshers'.
Jim Taylor expresses his gratitude to the Reunion.   Des Roberts introduces Mr.John McIntyre to address the Reunion
PGS Connections Editor addresses the Reunion   Tony Gill gives an impromptu appreciation for Des Roberts
Des Roberts passes on an invitation to retry his hand in a karate demonstration!

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