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First of all may I say how much pleasure I am deriving from the site. It's fascinating to trace old mates. I have been in touch with five so far. Four of which I haven't seen since we left PGS 35 years ago! We managed a mini reunion meeting of four of us on 28th June. Myself (Tony Gill known as Boris in latter years at PGS) Ian Williams,(who had travelled from New York where he now resides) Bill Healey (Knowsley) and Mike (Bone or Bill) Jones (now in Warrington). We met at The Philarmonic pub in Liverpool at 8pm. Nobody had any difficulty with recognition., as "You don't look any different apart from the hair" was the common cry.(Increased size or weight was diplomatically not mentioned). It could have been a "Strained" sort of affair as we were really strangers apart from the PGS connections but I am pleased to say we hit it off all round immediatley. Several beers later it was off to The Kebab House for some Greek grub/wine etc.(No smashing plates - sorry). Still not "watered" or should that be "Wellied" enough we made to the Everyman Bar til after midnight when an expensive taxi trip ensured we all got home. I enclose photographic evidence which you are welcome to use as appropriate (we were still sober at that stage).


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