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Reunion Dinner October 1999

Again held at Statham Lodge, Lymm, the post prandial programme assumed a new format. This was a welcome innovation and Jim Taylor is to be congratulated on venturing onto new ground. Musical entertainment consisted of six songs chosen and rendered with charming professionalism by Rosalie Sephton (Heighway) (PGGS 65-72) accompanied at the piano by (the ubiquitous) Alan Jones (PGS 39-44). Their joint contribution to the evening was of the highest order and appreciated by all

Interspersed between the songs were reminiscences by half a dozen Old Boys which, though quite amusing, perhaps made this part of the evening over-long. It is difficult to obtain a balance in such programmes especially when most of the assembled company are hoping for time to chat with friends who are not at their table. After all, the function is surely aimed, at providing social intercourse between as many as possible over a few brief hours. It was disappointing that the attendance figure remained below ninety including partners and guests notwithstanding a welcome influx of nearly a dozen Old Girls. In fact, the aggregate attendance of former pupils remained surprisingly low at fifty-eight.

Those who attend the reunions must make greater efforts to encourage others to join them. At the same time, it must be seen that attempts are made to experiment with the format of the programme as has been the case in 1999. Jim will be well advised to gather around him a few advisers with whom to have open discussions and benefit from the injection of the ideas of others. Strength to your arm, Jim, we're right behind you! Watch out!!

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