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Another Google search for "Prescot Grammar School" has unearthed sound and images for E.F.Kirks, "Prescot Grammar School Rock Band"

The band's record labels and song credits are featured on a Blog called Deadwoodstagers under the title, "Tracks of our Beers".

The page also includes the sounds of the band. You can download to these five tracks below [all as mp3]

Short History of The World

The Afros are Coming

Rhyme for the Time

Road to Nowhere

Tune for Two

Geoff Kerr adds, "One thing that sticks in my mind is that one of the singles was played at 33 1/3 rpm, which was unusual as nearly all singles were 45rpm; with the slower 33 1/3 speed being used for LP’s (Long Players)".

Also featured on the page are references and videos of PGS born bands, Black, Paul Lewis and The Zutons!

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