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One of the most eagerly sought after features in the annual Prescotian Magazine was the assorted 'sayings' aka 'gaffes' by the teaching staff over the previous year! This page is dedicated to the wit and wonder of those times and any ex-Prescotians who have more to offer, then send them in asap!
"Mr. Middlehurst is tied up in the book-room." H.T.
"Tomorrow we are going to assess Pitt." M.H
"So next time you're in here,you'll be next door." V.S.
"All of you standing may go, the rest of you sit down." H.T. (again)
"Put the address in the left right-hand corner." A.H.
"You don't come to school to think." C.M.
"Don't hide Storrow, I'll think of your name in a moment." D.R.
"Boys shall wear woollen scarves and nothing else." J.C.S.W.
"Mr.Middlehurst is tied up in the bookroom". H.T
Des Roberts (directing school play Semi-Detached) "At this pointer a titter will run round the auditorium" ... schoolboy sniggersfrom us ... "and after we've thrown him out..."
"Don't play it, and see if I can hear it." E.F.K.
"There are no exceptions to this, except...." A.H.
"That's as good as it gets...... Ah! That's better!" M.H.
"I am an adult now, and I am enjoying the pleasures of adultery!". C.M.
"I'd rather order too few than not enough." A.B.
"It's School photograph on Monday, and you must have your shirts and haircuts with you." R.T.
"These Zulus would often run over 40 miles in a day.... incredible feat." M.H.
"When ice freezes..." A.H.
"All of you standing may go, the rest of you sit down." H.T.
"If I went to one of those nude theatres, I'd soon show them the meaning of audience participation." D.R.
"So next time you're in here, you'll be next door." V.S.
"The River Nile is 3000 miles long.  Just a minute while I measure it with my ruler" D.S.
Charlie Middlehurst: Windle, to what end does one play football? Paul Windle: Well, it depends what side you are on, Sir.

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