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Stuart Duncan
Dear Trevor,

I have some sad news to report I'm afraid - apologies if you have already heard.

I believe you have recently been in touch with Stuart Duncan but I don’t know if he mentioned that he was terminally ill. I'm not certain of Stuart's dates at Prescot, but I think he was in the upper sixth in 1972, the year I joined. With such an age difference(!) I don’t remember Stuart from my school days, but I recently re-discovered him at his cousin's birthday party when we spent a very pleasant evening reminiscing about PGS and the staff.

Unfortunately earlier this year, Stuart was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and despite initial hopes for a lung transplant, his health declined so rapidly that a transplant became no longer viable. Stuart died in Willow Brook Hospice on Saturday morning, he was 54.

Stuart’s immediate family put their all into nursing him, maintaining round the clock care for him in the last couple of weeks, with help from friends who travelled from the UK, San Francisco and Brisbane just to help - clearly he made a lasting impression on the people he met.

I would also like to take the opportunity to mention and thank Willow Brook Hospice for their care and support, though words fail me to describe their contribution. Willow Brook is a good place.

The funeral will be at 2pm, Tuesday 20th October at St Helens Crematorium..

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