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The photo shows Robert Lomax, aged 11 in his school uniform in 1942. This got the editor thinking about his first days at PGS in the early sixties and the pleasures and perils of short trousers! The Prescotian invites your memories of this rite of passage that no longer exists today!
  My first year at PGS was spent in short grey flannel trousers and that was the norm. As the school year went on, some boys progressed into the longed-for long trousers. Short trousers were great in the summer at primary school and who can forget the elastic belt with snake shaped buckle! At primary, we did not know any better. Then we arrived in St.Helens Road as 'newts'. As if we did not stand out enough, we wore our own clues to 'newtdom', short trousers. How I pleaded with my parents to no avail. I suppose the 'want not, waste not' mentality of the war was still a prevalent force.All those cold winter days going home with chapped inner thighs! Eventually in my second year, my parents tooks me to Liverpool for my first pair of school long trousers at Lewis'.

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