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PGS left its mark during the early sixties on the CND platform. Ian Williams recalls the days of rebellion and principles! CND website >>>>>>
  1962 : CND March around Merseyside

1962, and its me on the extreme Left (!) You will note that on these I am wearing PGS blazer and scarf because they were the only clothes I had!!

1963 : CND March at Aldermaston

In the 1963 pic, I am in foreground, with Ralph Taylor who stood in the PGS mock elections as CND candidate, and last I heard was a Labour candidate in the NE. On closer examination, Willy Walker is also there to the right of Ralph Taylor.

1964 : CND March at Aldermaston

By 1964, I have graduated to a Donkey Jacket which was by then high fashion! Standing next to me with the glasses is Willy Walker, one of the great characters of the school at the time.

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