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Back row: Jim Dewsnip, Jan Benyon (centre half), Ron Morley (left back), Stewart Mackintosh (goalkeeper), Dave Constantine (inside right), Bruce McDougall (right back), John Meehan (outside right) Bill Gornall. Front row: Derek Coslett (inside left), Robbie McDougall (older brother of Bruce, centre forward), Alan Vaughan (captain - right half), John Goddard (left half),
Geoff Nulty (outside left ).

The photo was shot towards the site of the Headmaster's House (who remembers that?) which, I think, had been demolished shortly before this. As you can see (stating the obvious again) it's a colour shot. We are in this kit, which Jim Dewsnip had borrowed from St Helens Town for whom he was playing at the time, because we played (and beat by  5-2) Collegiate in the Shield Final. Collegiate, another school that's disappeared, played in the same kit as PGS, blue shirts and black shorts, so we changed our strip for the game which was played at Penny Lane.

This was the first year that Jim Dewsnip got involved with the First Eleven. From mid-season, when he took over training, he turned us from an ordinary team to Shield Winners. The training he introduced was like nothing we'd gone through before i.e. initially excruciating. But boy did he get us fit (oh for some of that fitness now) and with players like Geoff Nulty we were able to use that fitness to great effect.

A further article from the Prescot and Huyton Reporter on the 1stXI of 1967 can be seen by clicking HERE.

I caught the story about the "
Bus Trip to Penny Lane" for the 1967 Shield Final, in which 5 or 6 of this team were involved. I don't know if any one has any funny stories about this final because I think a lot if not all the school were taken to watch it. I even think that one of the staff took a cine film of some of the game, this being in pre-historic times before the age of the video camera!

I'd be interested to find out what my teammates are doing these days. Anyone know where any of this team are now?

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