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George Spiller was born in St James' Street, Gloucester, on 20th August 1911, he had one elder sister, Rose Irene (Renee) Spiller. The family moved from Gloucester while he was still young, but he remembered helping in his grandfather's coal business, sometimes shovelling coal from their railway wagons.

He was educated at Prescot Grammar School, and then trained to be a teacher at the College of St Mark & St John, in Chelsea, London.

He married Elizabeth (Betty) Turner on 25th March, 1940 in Rainhill. They went on cycling holidays in North Wales together. They lived at 18 Brookfield Avenue until they sold it for 2,250 on 31st August 1961 and bought another at 24 Knowsley Road for 3,500.

Due to an ear infection while young after a mastoid operation, he could only hear in one ear, and was not called up during World War II: he became an Air Raid Warden and cycled to school. He later suffered from pernicious anaemia. He used to smoke cigarettes, but later gave them up.

He taught at several schools in the Liverpool area: the last before retiring was Maidford Road County Primary school, where he taught for 36 years from 1st February 1938 until he retired in July 1974. He went on summer camps with the boys in 1938 & 39 to Ballajora in the Isle of Man, and to Pentrevoelas and Dyserth in North Wales after the war. His previous school, St Cleopas, was lit by gas and heated by coal fires.

Although he owned a full driving licence, he never took a driving test as he started driving before tests were required. He owned a variety of cars, including a Lanchester, Morris 8, two Morris Minors, Morris 1100 and 1300, MG 1100, Austin Allegro, Austin Maxi, Minis and Metros.

He was quite musical, and could play the piano. Although he was a member of the Church of England, while his childen were growing up as Catholics, he did not attend church until after they had left home. After his retirement, he became a Conservative Councillor on the local council and was re-elected a number of times. He was a keen gardener and played the piano. Used to go to church regularly (C of E) but stopped while sons were growing up.

He died at his home in Rainhill in November 1989 after experiencing heart problems for some time.


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