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  Stuart Sutcliffe and I were contemporaries and experienced five years of Grammar School life together. Stuart was born in Edinburgh also in 1940. I understood that his father was a seaman and was away from home quite a lot. He was slight of build and wore glasses. He made up for his stature by being quite assertive in his attitudes and opinions, which sometimes made him a target for the bigger boys in the class.

This scenario would sometimes be acted out in the back rows of the classrooms, when the teacher's back was turned or in the playgrounds during morning or afternoon recess. His defence against this mild form of bullying was to befriend myself and my best friend at the time, David Aikman. David and I set next to each other in class and saw quite a lot of each other after school. Our personalities clicked and we always saw the funny side of life.

We did not have any trouble with the bigger boys - since we tended to get out of scrapes with our humour - whereas Stuart always tended to take up the argument. He befriended David and I from the beginning and looked upon us as his protectors. There was safety in numbers! He became so grateful one year that he gave each of us a present at the end of term. I can't remember what David received but I was given a book on golf titled 'Homes of Sport - Golf' which I still have. Stuart knew that I was becoming keen on the game. [Norman Allanson]

Photograph shows a young Stuart in his Prescot Grammar uniform. It was probably taken in the school.

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