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Staff List for 1946 prepared by Brian Cook and Rod Crook with help from Geoffrey Dixon, Terry Threlfall and John Wright. Confirmation of the identities of Miss J Thomas and Mrs GC Russell would be welcome. Miss E R Allison taught Art (part -time) and the woman identified as Russell could be her.
M E Beresford (Ma), D M Huckle (Nanny), Margaret Bowley (Secretary), H M Scott (Scotty), G Dixon , E Hough (Ernie), J R Smith , F A Bailey (FAB), W Peel (Spud), E C Wood (Eddie), F S D Stevenson (Fanny), R S B Briggs (The Beak or Billy)
H Chant (Herbie), J Hammond (Joe Egg), J E Hawthorne (Juddy), J A Wrench (Spanner), J J Robinson , E Eyton-Jones (Ikey-Jake), H Martin (The Doc), R K Leigh (The Rev or Dickie),
J Thomas (Titty), E S P Falconer, G C Russell

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