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Fourth Year Junior Class [Mr.Thwaite]
Those shown in bold went onto the Prescot Grammar schools.

Back Row: Denise Speakman, Heather Cooper, Graham Shaw, Nancy Barker, Anthony Reading, Elaine Cummings and Robert Liddiard.
Third Row: Glynis Eaton, ??? , Adrian Marshall, ??? , David Rutherford, Ann Leader , David Stevenson, Lincoln Berry, Jeanette Woodward, Philip Halliwell and Lesley Hughes.
Second Row: ??? , Michael Coxon, Rosemary Bolshaw, Willie Robinson, ??? , Billy Rogers, ??? , Trevor Powell
Front Row : Rodney Canning, ??? , ??? , ??? , David Bargh, Anne Dodds, Philip Hambleton, Derek Bargh and Andrew Hewson.

Editor: My Norman Vaughan 'Swinging' pose got me into a lot of trouble with the headteacher, Mr.Firth and my father!

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