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Since joining the users of the Prescotian web site a few months ago I have been intending to send the two photographs I have of PGS in the fifties. 
One, fittingly, shows Geoff Dixon Chairing a debate in the School Library.  It was 1962 (possibly 1961).  I was, at that time, a post graduate student at Kings College London and had, that year (1961 or 62) been a finalist in the Observer Mace National Student Debating Competition.  When Geoff Dixon heard he invited me, and others, back to School and organised the debate. Mr Dixon is standing, to his immediate left is Alun Roberts who left a year ahead of me (1956).  I am to Alun's right.  The person to the left of Geoff Dixon is someone I do not remember and to his left is, I think, Ian Fell. I do not recall the Motion, or the outcome!!   The second photo is the Cricket First XI in in 1954 or 55. The team Manager was Mr "Spud" Heywood.  The captain, third from left front row, was Norman Bridge, an excellent batsman.  To his left is Norman (?) a mean  swing bowler.  To his left is (?) Davies, a tearaway bowler.  I am third from Mr Heywood, back row.  On the left end of the back row is (?) Gray, the team scorer.  Other faces have no immediate memory response ( a commonplace occurrence these days).  Hopefully someone can fill in the missing names.

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