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Since 1544, Prescot Grammar School has had five 'homes' and plans are afoot for future developments to the existing site. We provide a glimpse of the changes in the buildings over the last 460 years plus.
Timeline for PGS Buildings
  • PGS founded in Church Street 1544
  • PGS moves to High Street in 1760
  • PGS outgrows High Street and uses other venues after First World War
  • PGS moves to St. Helens Road in 1924 as a "temporary measure".
  • Prescot Girls Grammar School opens in Knowsley Park Lane 1957
  • Major extension built at St.Helens Road in 1963
  • PGS and PGGS join to form Prescot School at both St. Helens Road and Knowsley Park Road in 1971.
  • Arson attack in 1978 destroys St. Helens Road and sites merge at Knowsley Park Lane
  • Knowsley Park Lane gains Sports Hall, opened by Prince Philip in 1994
  • New plans published for Knowsley Park Lane in 2008
  • School changes its name in 2009
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