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I have twenty-seven other books ranging from a IIIb home reader to a VI Form European History. The list may well revive memories of homework exercises of perhaps the retail price at the end-of-summer-term book market.
Treasure Island 2.5p RL Stevenson
Two Men See Life   S Pepys & J Evelyn
Twelfth Night    
A Midsummer Night's Dream   Commentary - .VH Verity
Real Adventure   Heritage Series
L'Avare   Moliere
Elementary French Composition   Kastner & Marks
A First Latin Reader   Beresford
A New German Part I 10p Rivers
Contees Francais 15p Collins
Revised Latin Primer   Kennedy
Latin Prose Composition   Wormald
Coverley Papers   Myers
English Exercises fo School Cert.   Jepson
Nineteenth Century England   Rayner
History of Britain Part I   Carter
History of Britain Part II   Carter
History of Britain Part III   Carter
The British Empire   Southgate
The British Empire   Williamson
Europe Since the Renaissance   Reed
Europe, a Regional Geography   MacMillan and Coster
New School Atlas   Philips
French Short Stories   R. Brown
Collins Senior (Ent) Dictionary   Rhys
The Smaller Classical Dictionary    
The ABC of English Usage   Treble and Vallins
Grass of Parnassus 13p Anthology
My blue school Report Book does not compare favourably with my grandson's record for the last two years at his school. The signatures of the masters and mistresses, as well as the 'could do better' remark! are a part of history to me.

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