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Some time after the retirement of C.W.H.R. in 1937 and the arrival of R.S.B., I was one of a small group of boys bemoaning the fact that things weren't what they had been. We became aware that Herb Chant was listening to us but, trusting him, we continued with our comments. Eventually, Herb grinned and confided. 'In good King Charles's golden days.......' and we were all silent for a moment. Then we grinned and Master and pupils commenced work.

Old Prescotians often compare the two dispensations. I was chastised in turn by both C.W.H.R. and R.S.B. By the former when I was still fairly new to the school: chastised by the valour of his practised right arm and trusty stick. Unseen by Richie, Harry Burrows had provoked me: seen by Richie I had retaliated by hitting H.B. on the head with my Triennium and was duly punished. By R.S.B. I was chastised by the valour of his tongue; and how sharp that tongue could be. He had heard that I, the Head Prefect, had been to Southport and had stayed overnight with the family of my girl-friend, Marie. R.S.B. did not approve. Acidly, he said, "Asbridge. these gay (!!!) weekends are not good for you.'

Marie has been my wife since July, 1945 and we often laugh about this episode. (R.S.B. was a bachelor! Ed.)

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