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Dear Auntie Val ......

Just a short note to let you know that we are sorry that you are leaving us and to say a big thank you for all you have done for us during your stay at P.G.S. Eight years is a long time, and things have changed quite a lot since you first came here, - not only at school. Numerous people owe you a great deal for what you did while you were here. The Dramatic Society for one.

You continually asked, and finally got, a proper costume department, and the now infamous costume cupboard was born. Then, last year, you were rewarded with a complete costume room! Not only did you reorganise the costume depart­ment but you managed to keep it in order. The Dramatic Society will be in your debt for a long time to come.

Then there was your own department - the Craft Department. The Craft room provided a little haven for upper and lower art students depart to, whose art work had been flatly rejected by nasty art teachers. Often there could be seen one of the aforementioned students bounding across the Art room muttering "Must show Val.11 Your praise of a piece of work was, always the highest and your criticism always well received. The Craft room, when you were there, was a place to restore one's sanity and be brought back to earth with a gentle thud after a day's hard work on a "masterpiece."

Over the eight years you were with us the name might have changed, but that quietly calm and bubbling character remained the same, despite all our antics and mischief. We all hope you and Chaz are as successful where you are going to as you have been here with us. No matter how hard we try it will be difficult to forget you and we are sure it won't be the same without you. The spirit of Auntie Val is sure to wander through room 34 for ever.

All the best!

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