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[A Report from the 1945 Prescotian]


This year was one never to be forgotten in the annals of the School's history, and one, which will always occupy a premier place in the minds of the scholars of the present School. As can be seen on another page this memorable year was not allowed to pass without suitable festivities.

From the boys' point of view the function, which aroused most enthusiasm and delight, was the School Party, which was held on Friday, September 29th in the School buildings. This was quite an event in itself, for the last such party was held as far back as 1937 in celebration of the Coronation, when tea was served in the Hall. This time the growth of the School in the past few years made it necessary to convert classrooms and even the, laboratories into tem­porary miniature restaurants, The dining hall was used by the Senior boys and a few Old Boys who were present at the function, whilst the middle school occupied the laboratories and the lower school the classrooms along the North Corridor of the School.

We were very fortunate indeed in having such a "spread" especially considering the war-time catering difficulties. Our thanks must, therefore, be extended to the. Catering staff who through trial and tribulation managed to provide the necessary " cats." We were served with ham sandwiches and numerous varieties of fancy cakes, and one is not likely to forget the rapidity with which the heavily-loaded plates were relieved of their contents.

After stomachs had been duly satisfied, the jubilant crowd of boys ­gathered in the School Hall to witness a film show, which was presented by Mr. Lunt, of Prescot, an Old Boy of the School. Here we had a changing of roles, for it was only a week later that the local cinema was to be converted into a temporary enlarged school hall. Mr. Lunt presented a series of different films, which varied in range from light comedy to interesting travel films. Despite the fact that the films were silent and obviously not the modern Hollywood type 3bcrwn in the local cinemas week by week, it was most sur­prising to find the great enthusiasm, which was displayed. The younger scholars especially showed their appreciation of the comic films by their hysterical laughter. We all call to mind the Charlie Chaplin " shop walking " scene and the scene in which the pet monkey, after playing pranks upon his elephant friend, suddenly became enveloped in a jet of water from his " never­-forgetful " friend. The travel films of Venice and other artistic cities of the world, though of a more serious nature, were received with appreciation.

The School Party was the jolliest of the Celebrations far as the boys were concerned while, the Church Service, held on Tuesday, 10th October, was the most impressive. The idea of a procession to the Church from School delighted the boys and the practising of the arrangements for the procession in the Schoolyard provided many happy moments for the lower school.

The annual Speech Day ceremony was unique in the fact that it was held in most unusual surroundings. Here again a practice was held the day before, the boys being shown their appropriate seats in the cinema.

Throughout the celebration period the boys gave their whole-hearted support to bring the celebrations to a successful conclusion. Despite the joviality of the School Party and the Founder’s Day football, every boy in the School recognised that there was a more serious motive behind the festivi­ties. All were proud to know that they were members of such an ancient foundation.


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