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The "Debt of Honour Register" is the Commission's database listing the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars and the 23,000 cemeteries, memorials and other locations world-wide where they are commemorated. Stephen Nulty has researched into the First World War databases and we are proud to add links to his research on
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Further Notes
#1 The Broderick-Pittards attended in the late 20’s early 30’s? Their mother Mrs. Boderick-Pittard was our neighbour for many years on Tarbock Road, until she went into an old persons facility. She was a delightful old lady, she looked like Miss Marples riding her bicycle down Tarbock Rd. with her shopping basket attached. I never could understand how she was so strong to lose both sons in WWII and stay rational. I remember Mike Sullivan ’telling me that one of them I think Robert, killed in Burma, was a captain of the Gurkha’s. Jeff Easthope
#2 May 30, 1940 Boom defence vessel Cambrian mined at Spithead.

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