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For many pupils at Prescot Grammar School fortunate enough to have been taught by Warwick Evans, he was a larger than life and inspiring mathematician and teacher. Sadly, Warwick passed away in the summer of 2000 and his colleagues at University College in Chichester decided to remember his mathematical life with a day of celebration, advertised as an opportunity to 'Enjoy a day of mathematics, food, wine and music with John Barrow, Afzal Ahmed, Adrian Oldknow and friends'. Accompanying music to this page is 'Let the Good times Roll' as featured in this commemorative photograph of Warwick Evans at the keyboards.
  Around twenty five friends and supprters, including past student teachers, attended the celebration and after a welcome from Afzal Ahmed, a colleague at UCC, Dr. John Barrow spoke of Warwick as an 'Extra-ordinary and enthusiastic person'. Dr.Barrow is head of the Millenium Maths Project and Warwick was his first appointment to the MMP. In his talk he outlined the areas in which Warwick had been interested, trying to answer a fundamental question of whether 'We discover or invent maths', under the title of 'The Joy of (x)'.
Lunch was provided in the College refectory to the accompaniment of some of Warwick's jazz favourites. The afternoon session was led by Adrian Oldknow, a former colleague at UCC, who described life sharing an office with Warwick. He alluded to Warwick's looks as being, on first sight intimidating to many people, but underneath the exterior man was a most sensitive and considerate man. One of Warwick's interests was the use of ICT in maths and especially in the field of 'modelling'.
  The guests were then set a series of modelling challenges and set about them with gusto. The challenges included mapping the centre of gravity of a can of lager as the beer inside is consumed! Afzal Ahmed rounded off the day with memories of Warwick, who was obviously held in very high regard as a mathematician, teacher, colleague and, above all, friend.

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